LED Drivers

DC to DC Power Supply



In the backlighting industry, LED technology has quick replaced almost all existing CCFL designs in favor of the reduced costs, increased efficiency, and improved overall simplicity. LED technology continues to improve allowing for brighter, higher performance LED rails and ACI’s I-Drive line of LED drivers is constantly evolving to meet the ongoing demands and performance requirements demanded by the highest-performing displays.



  • Constant current drivers
  • Logarithmic, Ultra-wide dimming curves
  • Onboard microcontroller for tuning & adjustments
  • Precisely adapted based on panel & performance specs
  • Capable of both Analog and Digital/PWM Inputs & Outputs
  • Compatible with Digital View Controllers
  • Ruggedized design to handle Extreme Conditions
  • RoHS approved & 100% Made In America
  • Multi-channel & Single/Fixed channel Designs Available