LED Drivers

DC to DC Power Supply



In the backlighting industry, LED technology has quick replaced almost all existing CCFL designs in favor of the reduced costs, increased efficiency, and improved overall simplicity. LED technology continues to improve allowing for brighter, higher performance LED rails and ACI’s I-Drive line of LED drivers is constantly evolving to meet the ongoing demands and performance requirements demanded by the highest-performing displays.



  • Constant current drivers
  • Logarithmic, Ultra-wide dimming curves
  • Onboard microcontroller for tuning & adjustments
  • Precisely adapted based on panel & performance specs
  • Capable of both Analog and Digital/PWM Inputs & Outputs
  • Compatible with Digital View Controllers
  • Ruggedized design to handle Extreme Conditions
  • RoHS approved & 100% Made In America
  • Multi-channel & Single/Fixed channel Designs Available






The I-Drive Platforms




Signaled by it’s name, the I-Light is ACI’s entry-level driver capable of producing up to 10 watts of power, and drive up to 6 LED channels. The I-lite is our most popular driver, recognized for its simple design, small profile, and low cost.


I-Drive Lite



I-DRIVE 2 (ACI-B...)

The I-Drive 2 is a multi-channel driver (up to 6 parallel strings) that fills the gap between our I-Lite and I-Drive 5 drivers. Capable of up to 17 watts, the I-Drive 2 is slightly larger than the I-Lite and features an Op-Amp controlled circuit for improved performance.




I-DRIVE 3 & 4(ACI-C, ACI-D...)

The twins of the group, the I-Drive 3 and I-Drive 4 are single-channel drivers capable of producing up to 15 Watts. Both drivers share the same essential circuitry, however they differ in their form factors to accomodate various drop-in replacement sizes.

I-Drive Lite
I-Drive 5


I-DRIVE 5 (ACI-E...)

Second in popularity only to the I-Lite, the ID5 is most commonly used for displays around 15" & greater as well as in many of ACI's High Bright NVIS designs. Driving up to 30 Watts for single or dual channels, the ID5 is the "Work Horse" you can always count on .





THe ID6 is the role model of the I-drives, it's a smooth and efficient performer - outpacing the ID5 with twice the power (65 Watts at 24V). The ID6 also offers dual-mode (HB+NVIS) functionality and its especially adept for Digital Signage Applications.

I-Drive Lite


I-Drive 5



I-DRIVE 7 (ACI-G...)

The I-Drive 7 is available in both Single and Multi-channel designs, capable of producing up to 60 Watts off of 12V input and 80 Watts off of a 24V input.  The I-Drive 7 benefits from our improved circuit design allowing for more efficient heat dissipation and a sleeker profile..





I-DRIVE 8 (ACI-H...)

Similiar to the I-Drive 7, the I-Drive 8 can run off 12V and 24V input, producing 75 or 120 Watts respectively.  It also features our latest circuit designs for more efficient dissipation and a lower profile, but in a different form factor to serve as a drop-in replacment.

I-Drive 8