CCFL Inverters




Since our inception in 1998, ACI has been designing and manufacturing Inverters for CCFL & some EEFL applications, mainly for use in Display Backlighting. Our standard Inverters are compatible with most major OEM Display Manufacturers, however ACI also has the resources & Engineering support to accommodate specific performance requirements upon request.




  • Constant current outputs
  • Stable, wide-range dimming for optimal performance
  • Onboard microcontroller for tuning & adjustments
  • Precisely tuned starting & operating voltage
  • All transformers are wound in-house by ACI
  • Accepting of a variety of inputs: analog, digital, ALS, & luminance/temperature feedback
  • Open and short-circuit protected outputs
  • All new inverters are RoHS approved




Customer Inverter Design

As Industry-recognized experts in CCFL Inverter technology, ACI is your premier source for any custom products or specialty projects involving CCFL, EEFL, or similiar lighting technology.  Over the years we've developed custom solutions for a variety of different products and markets ranging from architectural lighting, UV lighting applications for air-purification & filtration, and many more.  Each of our inverter designs are precisely tuned for each application they are a part of in order to maximize the efficiency and performance over time.  We design and build our own transformers in-house so we can customize our designs to meet your specifications.


Additional Information

ACI’s Sales and Engineering team is always available to assist our customers with troubleshooting their applications, repairing or replacing any of our inverters. Additionally, any of our existing designs can be updated to satisfy RoHS or other requirements.  If you require a new Inverter design for Backlighting, or other Applications, please contact us. Our team of engineers will work closely with you to understands your constraints and those of the application to the best solution possible.  To learn more about our existing Inverter designs, click the “CCFL Inverters” tab above and sort by one or more of the fields provided.