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ACI has adopted a hybrid customer/market driven strategy when it comes to modifying panels. The majority of our panel designs are requested by you, our customers – the remaining display modifications we build are based on market conditions and perceived or expected demand.

To view the complete lineup of our existing display modifications, click here. If you do not see an existing design that meets your panel or performance specs, submit a request for a new design and our sales department will follow-up with you shortly to get the design process underway.




  • We have solutions for all major OEM display manufacturers including AUO, Innolux, Tianma/NLT, Mitsubishi, Optrex/Kyocera, LG, Samsung, Sharp, and others.
  • We can work with any display (CCFL or LED) of any size – common sizes range from 6.5” – 32”.
  • Niche Display Applications, especially those requiring High-Bright & NVIS back-lighting.
  • Providing smooth, ultra-wide range dimming, ambient light sensing, and improved performance/brightness.
  • All of our existing solutions are easily adapted to meet your unique specifications.
  • Our team of engineers have over 50 years of experience in electrical, power, and lighting applications.