Engineering Services




ACI’s team of engineers are committed to supporting our customers and ensuring their success. From the early design and prototype stages, all the way through production and launch – we’re just a phone call away if you ever have a question or concern with any of our products.

We routinely collaborate with our customers to address their design problems and constraints, and we’ll work side-by-side with you to make sure our solution meets the exact performance specs and design constraints of your project.




  • AA Altitude-ready
  • CCFL & LED backlighting support
  • Post-production burn-in to ensure performance
  • Conformal coatings to eliminate high-voltage leakage
  • Life, ESS, and altitude testing & qualification
  • Custom PCB assembly design
  • Shock and Vibe Testing
  • Sunlight readable displays
  • Customized brightness controls
  • Ultra-wide dimming from 0-100%
  • Wide-range temperature testing
  • RoHS & Conflict Mineral approved

Magnetics: We are one of the only inverter/driver production facilities that manufacturers and winds all of our transformers. This allows us to precisely control the magnetic & electrical performance of our boards.

Firmware: All of our LED drivers and accessories feature a microcontroller that allows us to tweak the LED performance as needed using our proprietary firmware.





Panel Room







Active vs Passive



ACI’s LED modifications are considered Active Enhancements, since they specifically affect the performance of the LEDs used in the back-lighting of the panel. Improving the backlight increases the luminance, or brightness, of the panel and in some cases it may increase the contrast ratio as an unintended side-effect.

Passive enhancements typically require the panel to be opened and filters, touch screens, or additional bonded layers of glass to be added ether in front of or behind the LCD screen itself. ACI does not typically specialize in passive enhancements, however there are a handful of projects we’ve worked on that were the exception to that rule.

If you do require passive enhancements, ACI has developed partnerships over the years with Glass Bonding companies and other Value-Added Resellers that can offer passive enhancements should your project require them.