LED Panel Modification

High-Bright & NVIS Solutions



Evolving from our expertise in backlighting drivers & inverters, over the past 5 years we’ve established ourselves as a premiere provider of LED Panel Modification, either for High-Bright displays (up to 2000+ Nits), NVIS displays (MIL STD 3009 Class A & B), or Dual-Mode displays that offer the best of both worlds. Our team of engineers look at each panel modification individually, and customize our solutions to optimize performance and meet expectations.

2015 Panel Road Map

Click here for a visual of how an LED LCD Display works via animagraffs.com




Features & Benefits:

  • Panel Mods as DIY Kits or Turn-Key Solutions
  • Custom Driver & LED Rail Designs to Maximize Efficiency
  • Production Designs from 6.5” 32” LED & CCFL Displays
  • Brightness depending on model, up to 2200 Nit LED Displays
  • Competitive Pricing, Unparalleled Quality, & Performance
  • ALS & Ultra-wide range dimming available for all Displays
  • Ruggedized design to handle Extreme Conditions
  • We modify all major OEM Display Manufacturer LCDs:
    • AUO, Innolux, NLT/Tianma, LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sharp, Kyocera/Optrex, and others
  • Partnerships with Panel Distributors & Glass Bonders
H/B Panels



Each of our High-Bright Displays receive their own customized LED rail layout using the most powerful LEDs sourced directly from the manufacturers. Next, we calibrate the I-Drive to meet customer specifications, while also maximizing the efficiency and lifetime of the LEDs to arrive at the brightest, most stable design possible.

To find out more about our line of High-Bright Displays, click on the button at the top of this page or view our latest Panel Roadmap (see below).

H/B Panel
NVIS Panel


NVIS Displays were a natural evolution for ACI being that we already manufacture our own LED rails & drivers. We design all of our NVIS displays to satisfy the requirements outlined in MIL STD 3009 for Class A & Class B NVIS Applications.

Our NVIS solutions are commonly found in applications for the military, aviation, marine, and law enforcement markets. Each NVIS solution offers the same ultra-wide range dimming, dual mode High-Bright/NVIS lighting, and manufactured in-house while maintaining the highest levels of quality, performance, and efficiency.





In addition to offering a full line of in-house panel modifications, ACI also offers LED kits for those customers who would prefer to complete the modification process themselves.

Each kit comes with a customized LED rail specifically designed for your display along with an LED driver, any cables required, and additional materials (sarcon, etc.) as needed for holding the new LED rail in place once its in position.

H/B Panel